Creating the most fun out of December this year has been a dream for me from the beginning of January. I knew what clothes I wanted to get for the season, the events I didn’t want to miss, the things I wanted to buy, etc..

Meanwhile by mid 2019 reality stared me in the face and I knew I couldn’t afford the lifestyle I had very much anticipated from the inception of the year.

I just knew I had to pull the brakes, do some amount of introspection and set my priorities straight/right and trust me I am one of the people, if not the only person with the tightest budget this Christmas period.

I went ahead to advice myself and would like to share this piece of advice to you as well just in case you are not in the right space to spend lavishly or you are about to be the lavish spender of December 2019 and you will end up dead broke with no penny to fall back on in January 2020.

1. Do not give in to Societal Pressure

The last thing you would want to do would be to live your life to please the people around you or to feel accepted in society. Nothing irks me in this world than a person who tries to live a separate life from their true authentic self just to please “the people”.

The year 2019 which is obviously the year of return has a lot of people from the western world coming to Ghana and it is undeniable that we are bound to encounter a combined display of material things both from the Ghanaian people and the persons visiting Ghana in the name of the year of return. There’s so much I have seen on social media already and I am pleading with you not to succumb to these things that may pose as societal pressures to you.

By all means have a good time but make sure you are doing it right. Be at places you can afford , wear luxurious clothes because you can actually afford them.

2. Spend within your Means

This must be the hardest part of the month of December especially when all our favorite shops and outlets try as much as possible to rub their lowest prices in our faces in the name of end of year sales.

The catch on this is the fact that it is the easiest way to be an impulse buyer especially around a time like this.

The offers are crazy and amazing, it is hard to make them pass you by , but trust me it will do you some good if you exercise self restrain and purchase things that you need only.

The rule is not to buy because it is on sale, but to buy because you need it or anticipated a sale and so you saved for it. Or that your financial position at the time allows you to afford that, just don’t break the bank.

The rule applies to all other aspects of your expenditure, enjoy the season but spend wisely while you are at it people, January is not a fun month if you get into it broke and who wants to start their year regretting their poor financial decisions?? Definitely not me!!

3. Stay as Safe as Possible

Growing up my parents were always protective about going out , but on festive days the protection was tighter than usual. The excuse was that during festive days bad things happen to people and this is a belief that a lot of people in my part of the world tend to hold on to.

I grew up and realized that the bad things that usually happen are mostly accidental.

Most of the car accidents around this time are most likely as a result of drunk driving and reckless driving out of excitement or whatever the case is.

The end point is that you need to be mindful of the environment you find your self in during the season as you may be at certain social gatherings.

Look out for your friends if you happen to go out with them, check the

There are really crazy people out there.

By all means have all the fun but please do get back home in one piece.

4. Plan your Schedule Ahead of Time.

It is crazy out here lately with the increased number of people who have arrived in Ghana at the moment coupled with the traffic which seems to be unending.

Also with the many events happening on a daily basis your time may not be enough for you especially if you have more than one place to be on a particular day.

You may want to pre plan your moves before the season begins just so you can make the best out of the time you have.

Decide how long you will stay at an event for and you may want to start your journey to your next destination an hour or more earlier.

December is a really exciting month and I wish you all the best during the season and a merry Christmas. I am going to be spending my day indoors throughout the season. Don’t forget to share with me your Christmas experience.