Over the years I have developed an undying interest in fashion and it is crazy how the fashion industry is fast growing from time to time. The fashion industry in Ghana and Africa as a whole has blossomed beautifully and I am so proud and excited about it.

This brings us to the part where I have been drawing inspiration from quite a number of fashion enthusiasts and stylists for a while now.

These amazing people have defined contemporary African fashion so beautifully I cant help but keep myself updated with their feeds.

If you are a fashion enthusiast, blogger or you are interested in switching up your style once in every while you definitely will enjoy this piece. Stay tuned love!

1. Debbie Beeko

The first thing that drew me to @debbs_bjuku is the amazing DIY videos she blesses me with on her YouTube channel. The DIYs she shares are totally fashion inclined and are very simple to pull off.

You will also love her for her personal fashion style which stands out. You can tell that the outfits she wears are carefully selected and aligns really well with her personality. I have drawn so much inspiration from following her and the one thing I have held on to is the fact that you have the power to influence your own style and also to stay confident while you are at it.

It is definitely a delight to follow her and you will definitely fall in love with her instagram page and YouTube channel which started getting active again recently and I couldn’t be more excited.

You will also be privy to fashion trends and may also pick up a tip or more on how to up your style game.

Source: debbsbjuku.com

2. Passibo

Passibo is definitely a vibe all week long. She appears as an easy going , happy young lady who seems to love what she does and she definitely is good at what she gets up to in terms of content creation. Following @passiboo does not only expose you to fashion but you’ll also be met with some amazing food vlogging/ tutorials.

Also my following @passiboo closely for a while now has led to my discovery of amazing Ghanaian fashion brands that I didn’t know existed. And I am definitely looking forward to making purchases from these brands.

She keeps her style simple but as classy as possible. One thing I love about the passibo brand is the fact that her fashion style and trends totally rock without her trying so hard.

Her outfits definitely compliment her amazing skin tone and I love her for her simplicity. One thing that I have learnt from her so far is that we need to be ourselves and everything will fall in place for us.

I love love her everyday energy based on what I see on social media and you would totally love her too.

Source: passibo.wordpress.com

3. Quinsera

The Quinsera brand in my opinion resonates with fashion freedom. Akuvi Adjabs who is behind the brand is an admirable young lady who believes in being confident about you. This message is strongly expressed in an initiative she started about a year or so ago “The Confidence Campaign” and also in her recent publication “Dadia B3”.

Her personal style stands out and I think that her fashion freedom and staying confident in who she is deeply appreciated in the African fashion industry and beyond.

You will definitely adopt a couple of tips if not all when it comes to styling her outfits, she also has a blog where she serves you with detailed information on the styles she creates and how to pair up fashion pieces.

Source: quinsera.com

4. Afua Rida

My starting point of understanding what fashion entails , especially when it came to exploring African fashion.

Aside following her and drawing inspiration from her I have had the opportunity to sit in a stylist workshop which was facilitated by her. Afua Rida’s style is one which I would describe as contemporary African fashion. I love love her style!

What makes her style outstanding is the fact that it is simple, but stylish and conveys a good amount of class and glamour.

Less is definitely more!

From following the gorgeous Afua I have picked up a number of tips when it comes to styling accessories. If you are looking for accessory styling inspiration and you want to learn a little more on how to get your accessories right you will definitely want to follow Afua.

Source: afuarida.co

5. A Thrifter’s Diary

This amazing lady is an East African fashion blogger whose style I have grown to love over the years. She is one of the reasons why I started to find certain thrift items as unique and could also be styled to bring out the best in the outfit.

Her blog is totally amazing and you would definitely pick up quite a number of tips for your closet. From her blog posts she is big on thrifting and she makes thrifting make a lot of sense .

The captivating factor for me when it comes to her is how well she is able to put together thrift clothing and rocks it like a pro!

Source: athriftersdiary.com

All of these amazing women and many other fashion influencers have definitely inspired me in one way other other in the fashion world. However these are the few people I seem to be keenly following in the past weeks and I thought to share with you what I am feeding myself with when it comes to the fashion world.

I know we all do have different styles and personalities and I definitely want you to share with me who you draw fashion inspiration from lately.

Thanks in advance for sharing with me.