One of the things that puts a smile on my face lately is the emergence of different and authentic Ghanaian Skin care and Makeup brands. 

It tells me how much the  beauty industry has evolved. Most amazing part of it is the fact that these skin care brands are made specially  to cater for the needs of the beautiful African skin we have been blessed with. 

The most exciting part of this evolution for me is the fact that we as African women have grown to accept our skin for what it is. 

You will totally agree with me that the African woman’s skin is to die for. It is defined by a pigment called melanin produced by melanocytes which are cells that provide some protection against skin damage from the sun’s exposure. 

I am here to share with you a few Ghanaian brands that I have discovered so far, brands I believe you will totally fall in love with. 


The name of the brand was one of the attracting factors for me. FAYOLA is a Nigerian name that means ‘good fortune walks with honor’. However it is a Ghanaian brand which focuses on luxury and very affordable natural skincare and hair products. 

The packaging is definitely amazing, it is one of the first things anyone notices the moment they step into my room.

Fayola Naturals has a wide range of products which are mainly essential oils such as the neem oil, coconut oil, shea oil, vitamin e oil, baobab oil, as well as rose water which is totally a must have from fayola naturals. Yes! My rosewater is doing a lot of magic and I can’t wait to share with you my review. 

I also love Fayola naturals for one thing and that has to do with the fact that it is one of the few Ghanaian brands that is an avid advocate for the recycling concept. 

Oh and you can purchase from fayola naturals with all of its amazing package with as low as GHC 10.00 


 The YAABA skincare brand is focused on producing organic skin care products that help improve the skin.  Their products are made for every skin type whether light or dark skinned and it gets the job done just Iike you expect. 

I feel like this is a go to brand if you are working towards figuring out your skin care routine. Yaaba naturals advices you on the products you should purchase based on your skin type and condition. 

Their products includes the yaaba black face mask, bentonite clay mask, a dense micro-bristle exfoliating brush, make up remover, vitamin c serum, and some amazing bronzers I can’t wait to add to my collection. You definitely should check them out! 

  • SHEA JO 

The Shea Jo’ brand is another awesome beauty range made in Ghana and its focus is what they consider to be the three most important parts of the body; face, skin and hair. 

The main aim of Shea Jo’ is to make it easy to have their brand cater for the face, skin and hair all embedded in one product. 

The products birthed by this wonderful brand are all organic, and the range of products include Shea butter (unadulterated ) , coconut oil , the African black soap and Shea butter lip salves which come in amazing assorted scents.

Oh! And the packaging is just so on point. 


The skin gourmet brand was birthed as a result of the urge to introduce more natural and organic products into the beauty and skincare market. It is due to ensure that the products that we put on our skin are carefully looked at before we introduce them to our skin because you may never know what chemicals you are exposing your skin to. And this is why skin gourmet came into existence, to ensure that we are exposing our skin to the right skin food. 

The products are mainly essential oils both for the skin and the hair, exfoliating scrubs ,clay masks,as well as a beard care range. 

Top notch branding as well. Missing out on this brand will hurt me really bad, y’all need to check it out.


Another skincare brand putting Ghana on the map is the HELLO KAEME brand. KAEME is an Akan word which means remember me. And this brand is one that has been well built with a lot of value for the end user such that you will always consider it a go-to skin care brand. 

It has a wide range of natural shea butter and African black soap infused with amazing scents such as citrus cilantro, citronella, ginger lime,goji, sandal wood, among others. 

Looks like the Ghanaian skincare producers are not ready to compromise on the packaging. Hello KAEME did not disappoint on that as well.  

These are just a few of the Ghanaian skin care brands I wanted to share with you today. There are more I will share with you as time goes on, so keep your fingers crossed. 

By now you know where to go to if you are searching for that amazing glow. I am also excited to let you know that these brands ship outside of Ghana and so y’all who are not in Ghana can still lay your hands on these wonderful products.

Share with me in the comments which brands you have patronized as well as your honest thoughts on them.

See you soon,


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