The beautiful thing about growth for me is how much you learn and evolve overtime. 

I have been a lot more intentional about the choices I make to keep my skin healthy and of course my journey began with a lot of  mistakes i made out of naiveness. 

 I take delight in keeping myself updated with skincare best practices and I can confidently say I have managed to adapt to certain habits which have helped my journey. 


  1. 60 Second Rule 

This rule is a game changer for your skincare. I discovered the rule 2 years ago from an amazing esthetician I follow keenly and learn from on social media @labeautyologist. 

The rule basically requires you to spend at least 60 seconds while you’re going through your face wash routine to get the ingredients in your product to work effectively. 

Thus it is an effective way to reap the benefits your product has to offer. 

I usually do 3 minutes or stick to 60 seconds on days where I am really exhausted. 


  1. The Double Cleanse 

I find this a very effective way to get all the dirt and excess sebum on your face after a long day at work or school. 

It is an everyday routine for me except that it is strictly for my evening routine. 

I have a very binding contract with oily skin and the habit of double cleansing helps me breakdown excess sebum and I tend to have less or no breakouts in recent times. 

My first step is the oil cleanse which I carry out with a cleansing balm or an actual oil. The whole idea of an oil cleanser is based on the fact that water does not dissolve oil but oil is capable of dissolving oil. Not only does it give my makeup a total meltdown but it also dislodges the excess sebum and dirt my face may have carried until the evening. 

My second step follows through with a facial cleanser. Oh and I carry out these steps for at least 60 seconds per step. 

I currently use jojoba oil which is gentle on the skin for my oil cleanse and Soap & Glory vitamin C face wash for my wash routine. it’s great you should try it ! 


  1. Staying Consistent 

This may come across as a bit shocking if you have been following my previous blog posts because I am constantly talking about being consistent with your routines.

I struggled with being consistent in my early stages of getting into skincare routines. 

But thankfully I am getting a hang of it and staying consistent as much as possible because that’s the only way you’ll get results.

Sis! Skincare products are quite pricey these days and wasting money at this point of my life is not the way to go. hehe.. 

I noticed that during my inconsistent days I hardly got the results I expected to get. So yeah consistency is definitely a habit to adopt. 


  1. I stopped Following Skincare Trends 


Skincare trends are a thing and always find a way to get viral on the internet with a lot of beauty enthusiasts and bloggers  being a lot more vocal about their skincare practices and hacks. 

Of course we get influenced by the things we are drawn to on the internet especially and end up adopting such habits. 

But I have come to realize not everything is for everyone in the skincare space. 

What I do is stick to what works for me and if I find out about a new product or technique I won’t jump on it but do my research first. 

Jumping on every beauty trend isn’t the way to go! 


  1. Touch my Face Less 

Not to brag or anything, but I love the feel of my face and can’t get enough of its soft feel and texture. 

One of my skincare goals was to have less or no breakouts at all and if I was going to achieve that , the habit of touching my face was going to be the stumbling block. 

I had to break free from it because constantly touching your face means exposing your skin to  dirt or germs your hands may carry. Our hands are not exactly the cleanest part of out body unless you’re constantly washing them during the day. 

Even in carrying out my skincare routine I ensure my hands are properly washed before I get into it.

And so I reduced my risk of breaking out by adopting the habit of no face touching. 


  1. Sunscreen 

I must admit that I am of the people who had the perception that sunscreen was not for my melanin rich skin. 

Then I start to see my favorite beauty enthusiasts and estheticians laying a lot of emphasis on the importance of sunscreen. 

I realized that I was causing more harm than good to my skin by carrying that perception along with me. 

Exposing your skin to the sun means exposing your skin to UVA and UVB rays which can be very damaging to your skin. It also means you are more prone to getting hyper-pigmented on your skin. 

Applying sunscreen  everyday and reapplying during the day has really helped reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation on my skin as well as dark spots. 

The African skin needs sunscreen too! 

I currently use the Bioré UV Watery Essence  for my face and the Garnier Nourishing Protective Oil for my body. 


In adopting habits to suit my skincare needs, one thing I noticed was the fact that personal hygiene is key. 

In essence make an evaluation of your skin care needs, get to understand your skin and your routine, but while you are at it please do take your personal hygiene a bit more seriously.  

Change those sheets and pillow cases, wash your makeup brushes and sponges, use scoops to take out product from jars and remember to wash your hands.