Photo shoots have become the order of the day for us in this age such that we hardly appreciate the beautiful selfies our smartphones provide us on a regular day. Just as the photography business keeps expanding and there is the emergence of so many photographers so is there the high demand of a lot of people for PhotoSessions (PhotoShoots).

It is not disputable that many of us want to get professional memories of us captured and also get the “I’m- a-model feeling”. 

Well, in as much as we admire these beautiful photo session pictures of our friends and social media followers we also want to get these professional photographs of us. But really what stops us ? Procrastination? Not knowing who to contact ? Not knowing where to start from ? 

Most of these photos are staged unless of course you’re unknowingly captured at an event and it may look so easy when you are ready to get a photo session done it might not be as easy for you especially when you’re looking forward to creating the “perfect picture”. There’s a lot that goes in to booking for a photo session .

For me the first thing I’d advice that you consider is to visualize the images you want to achieve in the end. Visualizing makes it easy for you to know the concept you’re going to be working with. It also makes it easy for the photographer you’re working with to advice accordingly if you have difficulty making a location choice considering the amount of experience he has gathered over the period he has been working  as a photographer.

Oh and if you’ve run out of ideas you could fall back on help from Pinterest and Tumblr which are my go to places when I’m running short of ideas. How could I forget the best friend of us 21st Century Kids, google. There’s so much ideas you can get from the internet lately. Take advantage hun! 

The next thing to do is to get your costume or your props put together once you have a clear picture of what you want to achieve at the end of the session. Be sure to get the right costume. If making the choice of a costume proves difficult it’s advisable to contact a stylist if you are able to afford one. Otherwise just fish out one of your friends who is trendy and has all the fashion info you might need. 

Make contact with the photographer. It’s important to make an early booking with the photographer instead of waiting till it’s a day to the date you set personally. Doing that would only go against you since you would end up not having your session done on the day you actually planned for it. The demand for photographers is really high lately and so they might have bookings every other day. An early booking puts you on their schedule and if any changes have to be done with regards to your booking because it’s an early one it makes it easy to make the changes.

For some of us who suck at making up ourselves we’d always fall back on our talented MUAs to get our face beats done. If you don’t fall in this category and you’re a pro at  getting a face beat by yourself then you’re the luckiest person at this point. 

Get face slayed on that day and save yourself some money.  If you’re like me then get ready to pay to get that face beat done by your favorite MUA.

It is also important to give the MUA a visual representation of the photo session. Discuss the look that would work perfectly with the concept and you’re good to go.

Now the location.

Once you know the concept that you want to create out of the photo session it is important that the location is keenly selected. This is due to the fact that the concept’s ability to come to life the way it should to some extent depends on the location of the Photo Session. For instance if I am to make a choice for the Professional Look concept I would either have my location in an office setting or a studio setting to get the professional look done. The selection of a good location for various concepts deserves a different article which I would write soon. It is also good to consult your photographer to assist with making a choice of locations. Proceed to make the necessary arrangements for the decided location in order to prevent property owners’ from questioning you on your big photo session day.

It all looks well planned figured out but making the Photo Session come to life all depends on you , the efforts you put into making the session come alive and I’d like to also say in planning for the photo session you need to add time consciousness as a part of the preparation list. 

From the few Photographers and Stylists I have spoken to or worked with one thing that irks them about a client is when they are not time conscious. Time is important to everyone but for people in this profession time is extremely important, so take due note and don’t let your lateness ruin the fun moments you might have during the photo session. 

And oh! Make sure you’re in a lit mood on the day and practice poses before the set date.


Have an amazing photo session guys and don’t forget to tag me in your photos!!