The idea of working from home seems really amazing until you actually sit behind your desk to get the job done. 

Working from home can be really tricky because you’ll either work less effectively or not work at all and then procrastination would become your ride or die aside all the other distractions.  

Working from home requires a little bit more effort than you imagined. 

These are a number of tips to help you stay focused and work effectively from home. 

1. Make Up Your Mind 

Waking up and not having to dress up to go to work definitely feels good. But if you have to work from home the first thing to do is to make up your mind. 

Prepare your mind and body for the tasks ahead and start by setting for your self daily goals you can accomplish while you are at home. 

2. Get Up and Get Dressed 

As ridiculous as this may sound the honest truth is that clothing affects your work at home. 

Give it a shot and you’ll notice how prepared you are to get started with your work from home. 


3. Make family and friends aware you are  working from home

The fact that you’re staying home may be exciting to your family and friends because they finally have you around them. 

The best is to let them know you are working from home and will have time to socialize better after your work hours. 

Set boundaries! 

4 .Create a Work Station

One thing that keeps me productive is the presence of a conducive work space. 

I have come to realize that trying to get work done in a cluttered area makes it difficult for me. And so I’ll advice that you create a work station which suits your preference. It helps to create good working habits and stimulates workflow and no distractions which may hinder you .

5. Utilize A Scheduler 

Write out your daily tasks and goals for the day. 

You may write these out in a diary or in a planner. In case you are wondering there are virtual schedulers you can download a scheduler app on your phone. 

It gives you a fair idea of the tasks you need to execute and makes you manage your time well. 

What it also does is to help space out your tasks for efficiency 

6. Take Breaks

Avoid overworking yourself. Give yourself some breaks too, you deserve to rest and rejuvenate to improve your productivity. 

It also helps you rest your mind which is very important. 

7. Off Days 

Of course you couldn’t possibly spend all week working from home. 

You deserve some days off. Even if you don’t want to take the entire day off , you may want to dedicate it to smaller tasks that would take at least 5 to 20 minutes to accomplish. 

8. Tackle Bigger Tasks First 

Fact is we are mostly  productive in the morning and so it is the ideal period to accomplish your bigger tasks. By now you should have scheduled your tasks for the day and you know which tasks are a priority. 

Go for the bigger tasks first! 

9. Make notes of smaller tasks 

This is where sticky notes or reminders on your electronic device come in handy. 

You may want to make notes of smaller tasks you’re likely to forget.

As much as working from home may seem challenging with all the distractions you are bound to face the whole point is to stay focused and stay self aware.

Also stay away from social media until a large part of your work is accomplished.

What do you do to stay productive while you’re working from home? Please do share!

Stay Safe People!!