I take a lot of pride in tagging myself a ‘glow-getter’, no two ways. That is to say I consider skin care very important. 

Wondering what the fuss about the glow hashtag is ? I think many of us have come to realize that skin care is integral to staying clean and healthy. 

My skincare journey ever since I embarked on it has been an amazing one for me and it has taught me a lot of things which i am excited to share with you today. 

I have come to learn to love myself more and stay confident about who i am. Amazing, isn’t it? It has always been my believe that the first step to owning up to confidence is to accept you for you. Getting to know about my skin and learning how to deal with it has taught me to be accepting of myself and i am in love with me so far. 

I also testify with conviction that taking your skin care very personal makes your skin the most amazing canvas for make up. I love love love make up, I’m not gonna lie. However, make up can make or break your skin  if you don’t prep it the way you  should. Yes! So good skin brings you good results in wearing your make up. Kindly take due note.

Now to my favorite part of my skin care journey which is becoming a glow-getter. By now you have realized the crave for a glowing skin, right? 

Skin care has helped me achieve this glow and I can’t stop smiling from ear to ear each time I notice my glow or I get complimented for it. You will do the same if you were me that i know for sure, lol. 

Oh and thanks to the essential oils i have consistently used in my skin care routines, they deserve the accolades for the glow I am so excited about. I’m going to tell you all about them in my subsequent blog posts. 

Stay with me as I share with you my skin care routines, and tips and lets glow together. #teamglowgetters. 

Please do share with me what your skin care journey has taught you so far,looking forward to it. 

Love ? ,