Never have I ever imagined that beauty and football would share a common space at some point but guess who made it happen…Evita Joseph. And it totally makes sense knowing how there are a lot of beauty enthusiasts who love football as well.

Lip glosses have been a no no for me for as long as I can remember . This came from thinking that I had thick lips and lipglosses only made them appear thicker. But I have come to learn and understand the application of lipgloss over the years and it is one of the things I consider a beauty must have, yes! That’s how serious it is.

These new lippies were football inspired which is obvious from how they have been named ; Pitch , Striker, winger, Utility, and Kick Off which are clearly football vocabulary.

Truth be told I do not appreciate football as much but I got to learn a little more about football during the launch of these gorgeous lippies right here!

I know you are wondering by what my experience has been with the lip glosses so far. Lets get into it already!.

The Lip Gloss League Collection as they have been named comes in five totally amazing shades. One thing I love about the Evita Joseph brand without any bias is the fact that the products from the Evita Joseph lab are carefully curated to suit the needs of the black or brown skinned girl and so you never feel left out.

The five shades without any doubt would perfectly suit any woman of color and that is what we all live for, inclusion, right?!

Aside the fact that Evita Joseph had us in mind while creating the product, the formula and its consistency is simply amazing.

It appears to be a balanced consistency which isn’t too runny and not too thick, but also lightweight. It glides on smoothly while you apply and does not leave your lips feeling heavy or oily.

The product also features some essential oils to cater to your lip care , such as jojoba oil which has the ability to heal dry and chapped lips. It is also perfect to stock for the harmattan season since jojoba oil protects the lips from the drying effects of cold and wind.

One other thing which excites me about the product is the fact that it contains macadamia nut oil which has moisturizing properties so your lips don’t only look glam but stay moisturized as well.

It’s fragrance isn’t a strong one but once you catch the smell it is amazing in a very subtle way.

It also comes in a very simple but classy packaging, with the writing on each package in the color of its specific shade so it is not difficult to pick out your preferred shade just in case you are not familiar with the individual names yet.

Shades of the Lipgloss League


The shade pitch appears to be an almost subtle shade of purple with a magenta undertone. It is described as a mauvy-pink shade by the brand. If you are a purple girl and you love to give your lips a pop of color this is definitely for you. Totally Rock this girl!


This shade glides on to add intense color to you lips. It is duly represented by a berry hue as described by Evita Joseph as a Rich Intense Warm Berry shade.

This shade is one of the hot ones and it is bound to draw to you and your lips some good attention.


This shade is a personal favorite and it is what i carry every where i go. It matches my skin tone like it was custom made and it is one that I can wear at all times. It is represented by a subtle nude shade and matches a lot of lip liner shades. You would totally rock this one with any preferred look. This is definitely a must have for me.


This shade is clear and peachy with a touch of sheer. This one also passes as a go to lipgloss any all points and would also match whichever look you want to rock this with. Definitely a keeper!


The hottest shade in this collection. This shade definitely did impress me because a red lipgloss can be hard to pull off, but knowing when and how to pull this shade off would definitely pay off. It features a bright red shade and would definitely get you a lot of attention. This is for the hottie!


You cant wait to get your hands on the entire collection by now, I know! But keep calm and visit the evitajoseph store , purchase your preferred shade(s) at a very affordable rate and let me know how it goes.