If you have been following beauty trends in the past weeks you will notice that many makeup enthusiasts and makeup artists had their fingers crossed in wait for the newest EVITA Joseph product just like I did.

After quite a number of teasers on the social media pages of EVITA JOSEPH, the product was finally launched on the 25th of January via a live session on the Evita Joseph Instagram page, which was graced mostly by makeup artists and makeup lovers from all walks of life.

The brand EVITA JOSEPH which is noted for the production of high end beauty accessories unveiled a one of a kind Brush Book Pro.

The Brush Book Pro is designed to meet the needs of the modern day professional make up artist while ensuring effectiveness and efficiency in giving the client that face beat.

The classy Brush Book Pro comes in the form of a pouch and has a faux leather appearance with EVITA JOSEPH beautifully inscribed on a metal and placed beatifully at the lower right part of the pouch.

Evita Joseph Brush Book Pro. PhotoCredit: Evita Joseph

The handle of the the Brush Book Pro is also adjustable to suit each individual’s preference.

It is designed to hold as many as 70 makeup brushes. How amazing is that?!

In my honest opinion every make up artist should add one of these to their collection.

As a make up artist one pro-tip is to make organization a priority. And the BPP caters for this effortlessly.

Not only will this give your brand a good look but then it will go a long way to help you keep your work tools organized.

The Brush Book Pro is also designed for the makeup enthusiast who is particular about keeping her makeup tools organized knowing how valuable they are.

The Brush Book Pro also doubles as a Makeup Brush belt which can be adjusted to suit every waist size.

It is also characterized by the ability to sit upright while your makeup brushes are beautifully organized as you work.

Evita Joseph Brush Book Pro Sitting Upright 

I must say the BPP is a game changer in the beauty sphere both for beauty enthusiasts and makeup artists.

If you haven’t made up your mind to make that purchase now , what are you even waiting for ?

Get yourself that BPP now! And as always share with me your thoughts and experience!