One thing you’ll find me purchasing on impulse is fashion accessories. 

For me one of the things that make you stand out in your apparel is the accessories you wear and how well you style them to make a statement with your outfit.

Lately I have developed an obsession for clutches and side purses. But the catch is that I am more drawn towards our locally made brands.

By local I mean Ghanaian made clutches / purses. 

The Ghanaian fashion industry has grown over the years, brands are putting out more impressive pieces progressively and also there’s a contemporary touch to the Ghanaian fashion brands being produced.

Don’t we just love the growth ?

Well I put together a couple of  pieces from brands that I have been admiring from a distance and hoping to make purchases as soon as I can. 

1. The Africa  Esi Clutch Bag by Kua Designs 

I discovered Kua Designs in November 2019, there’s so much I love about the brand and there’s a lot more I have learnt from the brand since I discovered it. 

However the Africa Esi Clutch bag is one of the pieces which got my attention. 

It is a simple but very classy bag. It is handmade from red leather with the sides lined with some beautiful African print which compliments the red leather. 

Also on the dominant material which is the red leather is an outline of the map of Africa.  Which is one of my favorite things about this clutch. 

It is a clutch which stands out and it is perfect for classy events , weddings , dinners, and other evening events. 

Cost : $175

Photo Credit: Kua Designs

2  Mini Emmy by Myth House 

I would be telling you lies if I say I don’t want to everything the Myth house has produced in their different collections. 

Myth house does nothing but serve us with very unique pieces all the time. 

I love the fact that they include a leather leather detail in some of the pieces despite the fact that their products are made from metal. 

Meanwhile the Mini Emmy in Rose Gold has been my target for a while now. 

I think it is unique first off, chic, and is a good fashion accessory which you can use for lots of events. 

The Mini Emmy is totally perfect for lunch dates, dinner dates, evening events, weddings. 

I think I resonate with this brand in terms of their uniqueness, and the detailing of their products. 

I couldn’t be prouder that a Ghanaian brand has produced such a fashion piece! 

Cost: Ghc 380

Photo Credit : Myth House

3. BG22 by Velma’s Accessories 

My love for fascinators sparked up as a result of my discovery of Velma’s Accessories. 

I loved the fact that every one piece of hers I saw was unique and had some detail.

Then came the clutches by Velma. Clutches made by Velma are the “truth” of clutches. I loved the fact that it brought to the Ghanaian fashion market a new perspective and style. 

I loved it more when I found that they were handmade pieces. 

I picked a favorite from among the lot, although it was really hard to make a pick I had to and it is this gold themed clutch. 

It exhibits uniqueness and carries with it a lot of detail. I think that this clutch would make a statement with almost every style you pick to wear, but it is more ideal to use for evening events, date nights or on a girls night out moment. 

Cost : $ 230

Photo Credit: Velma’s Accessories

I love the fact that I am getting more drawn to Ghanaian fashion brands, this has made me grow to understand and appreciate emerging brands in the Ghanaian fashion industry. 

Although we aren’t there yet I believe that we will get there some day and we all have a role to play to uplift the Ghanaian and African fashion industry. 

I totally loved sharing this with you and I’ll love it if you shared with me your favorite Ghanaian Fashion brands.