Does your makeup carry you through your whole day after your first application before you start the day ? 
Do you feel the need to carry with you a mini makeup kit just in case you want to get that refreshing look after a long afternoon? 

I have always thought it needful to carry along with me at least one makeup product just in case there’s an emergency situation I need to fix along the line .
So you’ll find me buying cute purses and mini makeup bags just so I can carry along with me things that I may need for a makeup rejuvenation within the day.

The Evita Joseph White Clear Makeup pouch is definitely my go to pouch in the past weeks to keep products that I will want to carry around with me on the go.

I have grown to love this pouch due to quite a number of reasons. 

First I am able to carry exactly what I need because I don’t want a makeup purse with a bulge in my handbag. 
Interestingly I am able to carry with me enough and there appears to be room for some more. So yes , it gets my vote on this one. 

It is definitely a handy one and looks beautiful once I get my products well arranged in there.

This pouch is easy to carry around. I don’t feel my bag getting weightier once I drop it into it and I can easily slip away to the bathroom with it on any occasion. 

You definitely want to experience what I experience with the pouch and even more so I’m going to share with you the products I keep in my pouch.


1. The Evita Joseph all over powder brush for my face powder application


2. Evita Joseph Face Buffer for when I need to reapply foundation where necessary


3. Nude/red lipstick


4. Face Powder for a fresh look


5. Blotting paper for when I get oily


6. Lip balm for when my lips feel dry.

These are pretty much the few things I would hardly leave home without. 
The pouch makes it easy for me to make this happen. 
In as much as the pouch appears a bit frail and lightweight, I was surprised to find out that it still remains strong and no damages caused to it yet. 

That’s definitely because I do handle it with care and of course Evita Joseph didn’t compromise on quality like always.