Skincare Review : The Nzuri Acne Fighting Bar

I am almost through with my third bar of the African Black soap from Nzuri Cosmetics and it will really be selfish on my part if I did not share with you my honest review of this product. First of all let’s talk about how pretty the packaging is! It has a

My Detailed Oil Cleanse Routine

I find my skincare activities fun and therapeutic especially during my oil cleansing moments. On some days I will do as much as 60 seconds for my cleanse but on days where I want to really relax I will indulge in 10 to 15 minutes of deep oil cleansing which can be

6 Game Changing SkinCare Habits

The beautiful thing about growth for me is how much you learn and evolve overtime.  I have been a lot more intentional about the choices I make to keep my skin healthy and of course my journey began with a lot of  mistakes i made out of naiveness.   I take delight in