My Detailed Oil Cleanse Routine

I find my skincare activities fun and therapeutic especially during my oil cleansing moments. On some days I will do as much as 60 seconds for my cleanse but on days where I want to really relax I will indulge in 10 to 15 minutes of deep oil cleansing which can be

6 Game Changing SkinCare Habits

The beautiful thing about growth for me is how much you learn and evolve overtime.  I have been a lot more intentional about the choices I make to keep my skin healthy and of course my journey began with a lot of  mistakes i made out of naiveness.   I take delight in

9 Things To Keep You Productive While You Work From Home

The idea of working from home seems really amazing until you actually sit behind your desk to get the job done.  Working from home can be really tricky because you’ll either work less effectively or not work at all and then procrastination would become your ride or die aside all the other

While You Are Social Distancing

I wish I was writing this article to share with you a number of ways you could spend your days while you’re home after a long break from work or while you’re vacationing in your dream country. Not to create panic or fear but these moments are scary. Who would have thought

Ghanaian Handmade Clutches I Love

One thing you’ll find me purchasing on impulse is fashion accessories.  For me one of the things that make you stand out in your apparel is the accessories you wear and how well you style them to make a statement with your outfit. Lately I have developed an obsession for clutches and