One of the various ways anyone can duly express herself or himself is through the art of writing. For me it is one of the things I have on my long list of interesting things. I don’t know about you but writing allows me to vent my spleen in the most gentle way.

I often feel a sense of unending freedom once I start to write. Everyone should make an effort to write if you ask me.

OK! Enough about why anyone should write. This piece is just to tell you how and why was birthed. is a world I created to share with you because I love people and I have had this undying urge to connect with amazing people like you in my world. Yes! that is what it is.

If your interest is vested in lifestyle,travel, skincare, fashion and beauty then you are  welcome to my world. And oh, if you love different too, then we have a long way to go in MY world now turned OUR world.

See you soon,

Kalira Tanlongo.