I find my skincare activities fun and therapeutic especially during my oil cleansing moments. On some days I will do as much as 60 seconds for my cleanse but on days where I want to really relax I will indulge in 10 to 15 minutes of deep oil cleansing which can be very calming.

The fact that oil cleansing is your go to routine if your goal is to keep your skin and pores clean and clog free cannot be emphasized enough.

Before I get into my oil cleansing routine I ensure that I have dry face but not necessarily clean face and definitely some clean hands.

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Cleansing is not just the first step of your routine but also a very important part of your routine.

Cleansing lays a good foundation for the rest of your routine and it is that step you want to get right before you follow up with the rest of your routine.

I cleanse my skin not only to prep it for my remaining routine but also to get rid of excess sebum makeup , dirt , dead skin cells , debris and pore blockages.

It is obvious cleansing is important from what it can do for your skin.

You will usually find me doing an oil cleanse in my PM routine because the day would have ended for me and I can get rid of all the makeup , dirt and excess sebum before I go to bed.

The idea behind oil cleansing has to do with the fact that oil dissolves oil and not with water.

An oil cleanse makes it easier to allow excess sebum off your skin as well as cleaning clogged pores while dislodging your makeup if you have any on.

There’s a wide range of products you can use to oil cleanse from cleansing balms ,an oil cleansing product or a carrier oil.

The one thing that draws me to oil cleansing a lot , especially because I have oily skin is the fact that it removes excess oil without stripping my skin or drying it out.

People with acne prone skin tend to have less congestion in their pores and oil cleansing is gentle and non-inflammatory if you have acne prone skin.

An oil cleanse on dry skin works to replenish and nourish the skin which is great for dry skin.

In my oil cleanse routine I either use a cleansing balm or a carrier oil.

What I do while using a cleansing balm is to scoop out my required amount in my palms and rub it in between my palms to warm it up a bit and then I apply on my skin for at least 60 seconds.

I currently use the Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm which I love.

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Cleansing balms tend to be heavy and are ideal for heavy makeup removal.

The next thing I do after I have sufficiently cleansed is to use water to rinse it off. The product on your skin turns milky which is totally fine and then I follow up with my traditional cleanser.

On days that I use carrier oils I go through the same routine as I do with the cleansing balm except that I use a face cloth or warm towel to clean up the oil after I have sufficiently cleansed my skin. Then follow up with my traditional cleanser.

My go to carrier oils for oil cleansing are grape seed oil , jojoba and rosehip seed oil. However, I currently use the rosehip seed oil which is great for me because I have oily skin it is non-comedogenic and so it is unlikely to clog pores.

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It is rich in antioxidants and so it eases any form of skin irritation or inflammation.

There are a lot of things you should look out for in choosing a carrier oil or cleansing balm to suit your skin needs which I will delve into in subsequent blog posts.

However this is just a little bit on how I carry out my oil cleanse in my 2 step cleanse routine.

Always remember your skin needs to be dry and not clean, pay attention to your hairline , do not rub your skin too hard , and the 60 second rule- I always take my phone with me to help me keep up with time.

You can also go all out and do more than 1 minute and do as much as ten to fifteen minutes for your oil cleanse.

It is relaxing and therapeutic! You really want to get this on your routine.