My skin care journey has been an amazing one this year, I must say. I did a lot more research and discovered a lot more skin care brands. 

However, the past few months has had me lean my focus on skin care towards the Ghanaian skin care brands which keep sprouting. 

My discovery of these amazing brands has made me one of the proudest Ghanaians ever. These brands have impacted society in many ways and that is one of the most exciting factors for me. 

Shea Jo’ is one of my many discoveries just yet. I discovered this brand on Instagram and the presentation of their page content as well as the product presentation was an attraction factor for me. 

I said to myself, “I need to own something from this brand”.  Not just that but i also wanted to experience the brand. 

Shea Jo’ is a producer of a Shea butter skin care line, just so you know. 

Now this is what I got from the shea’jo collection; Whipped shea butter, an exfoliating glove, and some lip salves.

Whipped Shea Butter

The whipped shea butter is 100% organic. It has its natural earthy and nutty  smell without any trace of the smell of a chemical product. This is why organic shea butter is a product we all need to add to our skin care collections. 

Considering that the shea butter was tagged as whipped i thought that it should have a very creamy consistency, which it actually does have. There are no struggles whatsoever in getting little scoops of the Shea Jo’ whipped shea butter. Oh and the good thing about shea butter is the fact that it never expires, amazing right?! *wink*


The Lip Salves

When the month of December grows close the most dominant thing on my mind with regards to skin care is the fact that we are going have an encounter with harmattan. 

Aside that lip balms are one of my favorite things to hoard being the beauty products hoarder that I am,hehe…

The Lip salves I bought from Shea’Jo came in the flavors lavender and Lemon grass and guess what it is made with 100% organic shea butter, except that it has some amazing flavors.

Not only do I use the salves for my lips during the day but one thing that has kept my lips supple and soft these past weeks is applying the balm to my lips at night before i retire to bed.

The flavors are also great but I love love love the lemongrass.


Exfoliating Gloves

After I used the glove for the first time I swore I was never going to part ways with it. The gloves are everything…Goodness!!

It brought to my skin a certain awakening and it felt totally great. It deeply cleanses my skin and leaves it feeling sweet, soft and supple.

All I do is squirt a desired amount of my face gel onto the gloves after I have worn them and gently rub my face down to my neck. You definitely should make plans of getting one if you don’t own one or a pair.

It has indeed been a sweet Shea Jo’ experience. Have you had any experience with Shea Jo’ so far? Kindly let me know in the comments section.. Share your thoughts please.

Talk to you soon,

With Love ? ,


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