I remember going to college with a skin texture that I loved so much as it was a really smooth one.

I knew nothing about skincare at the time, in my mind God had blessed me with smooth skin and breakouts and I were worlds apart.

Well I got hooked onto makeup in my first year in the university , thatʼs where I developed an unending love for makeup.

The makeup I wore was not heavy as it was only face powder , lipstick , mascara and lipgloss most of the time until I graduated to the other products in the makeup world.

I donʼt know if I should say I got addicted to wearing makeup but I just couldnʼt stop wearing it. I would wear makeup everywhere and I didnʼt know a thing about properly taking off my makeup. What I would do sometimes after a long day was to use wipes and with the mind that it was all gone and I was good to go to bed. Can you imagine ?!

Honestly at that point I felt less confident about my real skin, and the makeup became my confidence booster, cheering me on through the way…hehe

This definitely came from the fact that my skin started to look bad , Iʼll breakout once in a while and my pores started becoming large, clearly an indication of clogged pores.

My skin lost its texture and I knew I had to do something about it.

By my 3rd year at university I was already getting into skincare thanks to a few blogs and YouTube channels I had discovered.

I got inspired to work on my skin and reading about other peopleʼs experiences gave me a lot of hope that I was going to get back my skin texture or even better.

My skin care journey began , I purchased a face wash , toner and moisturizer and saw some improvement.

I wanted to walk out of my room confidently without any cover ups on my face and I think that I have achieved that over the years.

Beginning to take my skincare seriously did not only boost my confidence but I have also come to understand my skin and other skin types and what works accordingly.

It has also taught me to know what to take into consideration in making skincare choices, I have come to understand a lot of skincare formulations now and which ones to avoid using together at a go.

My skincare lessons didnʼt only affect care for my facial skin , but also my body as whole.

For me skincare is a lifestyle and if one of your goals is to have healthy skin and stay confident about it, you definitely should develop an relationship with your skin and get to understand it.