Hello beautiful people, I am excited about today and this is why. I recently received some gorgeous products which have been tried and tested and I am here to give you all the details . Enjoy!

To be honest with you I have been on a long break with regards to getting my brows done ,I don’t really know why but a part of me feels like it’s because I was probably purchasing the wrong eyebrow pencils or I just wasn’t satisfied with the results I was getting. 

Well I have always wanted to achieve a natural look for my brows and a matte finish. As someone who gets oily around my t-zone and brow area I definitely had to find a solution to the problem of my brows getting oily all the time. 

I finally got the chance to use the Evita Joseph expert eye brow liners which have been making waves in the beauty space for sometime now. 

Lets get into the packaging first of all, the Evita Joseph expert eye brow liners come in a retractable pencil-like tube with each respective shade indicated on it. The packaging is a yes for me as it gives you an idea of how much product you have in the tube considering its retractable nature. 


The brow liners also come in four shades – Perfect Chocolate, Chestnut Brown, Rich Espresso and Midnight Drop – which I think makes it an all inclusive product considering that you will definitely get a match for your skin tone. And that is one thing that I look out for on my checklist for a good makeup brand. A brand that thinks about the needs of all potential clients is what I totally live for. 

On the packaging the liners are described as high definition brow liners characterized by a matte finish, waterproof, and long lasting. Oh and guess what on the first day I used the pencil I had a lot of errands to do , I got back home sweaty but the brows were still intact. 

The amazing thing about the product for me is how easy it is to apply especially in defining the strokes in the brow.

My favorite out of the four shades will have to be Perfect Chocolate -02 and Chestnut Brown -01, and that is because I think they are a good match for my skin tone.

Evita Joseph EyeBrow Liners Swatched

I also tend to use midnight drop for the edges of my brow just to accentuate the area. 

The Evita Joseph expert eyebrow liners in my opinion are a must have in your make up collection if you want to get your brows slayed damn well, I’m not gonna lie!!!

They sell for GHc 40.00 and I think for a product that doesn’t disappoint you will definitely get your money’s worth.*wink*

Keep your fingers crossed as I will share with you in my next post a tutorial on how to use the Evita Joseph eyebrow liners to achieve the perfect eyebrow look.

Share with me your favorite eyebrow liner or pencil or your experience with the Evita Joseph expert eyebrow liners.

See you soon!