I must say the Revuele brand has been one of my favorite discoveries this year in my world of skin care and trust me they have done and a lot of good. 

Having used the day and night creams from their collection I decided to purchase their washing gel believing that I was going to get results just like it did get with the face creams. 

The Washing gel has a genlte feel to the skin and it actually deep cleanses my skin each time I use it. 

It is said to be an anti acne and black head wash and I’m not gonna lie I haven’t had a single breakout just yet since I started using the gel wash . How awesome ??????

Active Ingredient is the Bio- Active Complex which works to effectively fight against skin problems such as black spots , pimples and inflammation. 

We also have in the washing gel some tea tree oil. Woosh! How amazing ? 

The tea tree oil works to provide a deep antibacterial cleansing of problem skin. It narrows the pores while preventing the presence of bacteria and the emergence of acne and blackheads. 


I wet my face 

Squeeze out a reasonable quantity

And apply to my wet skin with massage motions for at least 60 seconds. 

After which I rinse off with Warm Water. 

Oh and I do this in the morning and at night . Simple isn’t it ???

If you’ve ever used this …let me know what you think about it in the comment section .