I am almost through with my third bar of the African Black soap from Nzuri Cosmetics and it will really be selfish on my part if I did not share with you my honest review of this product.

First of all let’s talk about how pretty the packaging is! It has a very minimal and unique look.

I received the Nzuri African Black soap in a PR package and to give you a short description, it was a carefully wrapped black packaging with a white label which spelt out the ingredients of the product as well as the brand name , meanwhile I have seen an orange packaging from the brand which looks cute as well.

Get To Know Nzuri Cosmetics

Nzuri Cosmetics is an African skincare brand noted for creating effective and unique natural skincare products to suit the needs of each and every skin tone.

The African Black soap which is under review today from the Nzuri brand is made from the regular African black soap and infused with RoseWater and neem Oil from the Rainforests of the Maldives as stated by the brand.
I love the RoseWater infusion for its hydrating properties and the neem oil for its acne and fungal fighting properties.
No doubt the brand refers to this particular product as the Acne Fighting Bar.

My First Impression

After I received the products I found the ingredients interesting and for the ingredients in the product I find that it is a relatively affordable product. It is quite chunky and a little goes a long way.

When it comes to the smell of it , I think that the strong scent of the African Black Soap is not overpowering and I could hardly get the smell of the RoseWater or Neem Oil. (Not that I was expecting to get those scents by the way )

But I loved the experience all the same!

My Experience

Around the time I began using the product I was going through a rough patch with my skin and my skin was a bit sensitive because I might have over-exfoliated, which obviously messed up with my skin barrier.

On my first use, although I did not find it drying which I was really impressed about , I felt stings some seconds after I made my first application.

I had to discontinue using it on my face until I went through with fixing up my skin barrier.

While I worked on getting my skin barrier back to normal , I used the soap during my full body routines and the texture of my skin felt smoother after each bath and hydration was not an issue at all.

Once I felt safe with my skin barrier I used it on my face at least twice in a week and I can tell you for a fact that it is your go to for fighting acne.

How I Use the Nzuri Bar 

For my face what I tend to do is soak a part of it in water until it melts to my desired consistency.

Dip my finger in the melted bit, rub in my palm and rub it on my face in gentle circular motions for at least 60 seconds.

During the day I use it as my only face cleanser and during my PM routine it is the second cleanser for my double cleanse routine.

I also tried it out as a shampoo for my natural hair and it has become my go to shampoo lately.

Why I Love the Nzuri Bar

For someone who tries as much as possible to desist from using ABS (African Black Soap) as a facial cleanser because of how drying it makes my skin feel, this bar made it to my top two ABS facial cleansers.

I love that it is very gentle on my skin as I have not had any reactions except the initial stings when my skin barrier was messed up.

If you have ever experienced your face feeling tight and squeaky clean after using an ABS as a facial wash, the Nzuri bar doesn’t give you that.

The Nzuri bar also played a role in combating my fungal acne and I also noticed that the dark spots on my forehead faded at a slow pace, which is totally fine.

I will have to give credit to the almighty RoseWater infused in this bar to give me all the hydration I get when I use this bar on my skin.

I love it more as a shampoo and can’t wait to give you all the tea on this one!

My Nzuri experience is one I cannot keep to myself and I just had to share with you!

Meanwhile , how much do you love African Black Soap ? And is this a product you are willing to try ?

If you have ever used the Nzuri Bar kindly let me know in the comments section below.