Skin care tools are the one thing I hadn’t tried out for a long time because I was honestly very comfortable with my fingers. 

I finally decided to get into them in the past month and so one of the tools I bought is the Ewuraba Brush by BareSkinn a Ghanaian beauty brand which is noted for producing skincare tools aimed at improving the skin cleansing routine. 

Not only was I compelled to buy the product but I was pretty much impressed with the brand and how far it had come as a Ghanaian brand. 

The Ewuraba Brush was launched in May 2020 and it is basically a silicone face cleansing brush which is claimed to perform as many as three functions. 

First as a cleansing brush to get rid of debris and dirt from the skin while working hand in hand with your cleanser , a face massager to help with blood circulation on the face and an eye massager to help with eye creams or eye products penetrating the skin around the eye better. 

I have used it quite a number of times to give you an honest review on my experience so far. 

I think that for a product this size to perform all the functions as listed above, it is definitely a great asset for the skin care enthusiast, provided all the functions work well to their full potential. 

I have tried and tested the product and cannot wait to share my experience with you. 


Personally I loved the experience the cleansing part of the brush gave me. 

As mentioned earlier it is made from silicone and so it’s bristles which appear to be fine and large are made from silicone. 

The product appears to be well thought through because the inconsistency of the sizes of the bristles are for a purpose. 

The fine bristles are for cleansing your forehead, cheeks and all other parts of your face it can reach. 

The large bristles at the upper part of the facial brush serve the purpose of reaching your under eye the sides of your nose and wherever the fine bristles cannot reach. 

It feels really gentle on the skin and it thoroughly cleanses the skin in circular motion while I direct it to the  parts of my face to be cleansed.

Facial Cleansing Brush


The aftermath of the cleanse is amazing , my skin feels supple and well cleansed after 60 seconds of use. 

The downside of the cleansing aspect for me are the pauses I experience after 25-30 seconds each time I have used the product otherwise  the cleansing experience is totally amazing. 


Blood circulation on the face is great for replenishing oxygen supply in the muscles of the skin and it tends to give your complexion a bright and glowy look. 

Of course who doesn’t want that ! I loved that the product came with a massager as well. The massager gives you a subtle but amazing feel.

What basically massages you are the rhythms and pulses you tend to feel from the vibration.
I use it in circular motion around my face to feel the full effect and I totally love the feel of it.

Face Massager



This is the metallic part of the tool whose purpose is mainly to get your eye products to penetrate into the skin better and also to depuff the eyes.

At first I thought it did not actually work after my first try because I did not actually feel an effect around my eye while I used it around the area.

But I noticed after a few more tries that it is actually gentle while you use it which is actually good for the eye area considering that the skin around this area is sensitive and delicate. I also noticed that the puffiness around my eye region had reduced considerably. 

However I did not feel the cooling effect I was expecting to feel. 

I am not very enthused about the eye massager but it definitely does something for the eye region. 



It has other features like an On /Off button, an Increase and Decrease Button to reduce or increase the intensity of the vibration,a charger port which can be hardly seen enabling it to be waterproof. 

I got mine in pink but it also comes in Mint blue. 

The product is accompanied with a user manual and a charger. 

About the battery life,I think it is great because I have just fully charged it once since I got it and it’s been almost a month. 


Purchased at Ghc 75.00 (while on Sale ) 

Original Price is Ghc 99.00 

Is this tool something you will want to purchase ? Have you tried out any skincare tools? 

Please do share! I can’t wait to hear from you!!