Just when I thought we had escaped harmattan this season I woke up one morning and the harmattan breeze took me by surprise.

This season is one we look forward to towards the end of the year and the beginning of the new year. However this time there was a slight delay and I thought that was it, i guess i was wrong. But this is one of my favorite seasons because it favors me in the skin area especially when i prepare well towards it.

The harmattan brings to us dry and dusty north- easterly winds, the weather is basically cool dry wind blowing especially at night and during the early hours of the day and it is very foggy during this time. Leaving us with dry skin, chapped & cracked lips and very dry hair if not well moisturized.

Harsh as it may be to our skin I totally love the season especially because your clothes get dried within minutes after washing and although the sun is scorching you do not feel hot or sweaty.

Considering how harsh this weather can be I will love to drop off some tips and hacks which may help you through the season.

1. Stay Hydrated

Making it a point to stay hydrated during this time is not optional it is definitely a must. The weather is such that you could easily get dehydrated and you definitely don’t want that happening. Drink enough water throughout the day especially if you are spending a lot of time outdoors, this will help keep you hydrated and your skin will stay smooth and not dry out.

2. Lukewarm Baths

If you have experienced the harmattan season before you would know that the weather gets really cold especially at dawn and in the early hours of the morning depending on the location. Obviously you will opt for a hot bath but mind you it is just wise to take a lukewarm bath instead of a hot bath. Taking really hot baths around this time will strip your skin off moisture and further use of hot water may irritate the skin.

Taking a bath twice in a day around this time is really important due to the fact that there is a lot of dust settling on your skin and you don’t want to carry all of it with you to the next day.

After a shower it is wise to leave some water on your skin and moisturize it while it is damp. That way your skin is able to retain a good amount of water prevent extremely dry skin. Also an oil based lotion is ideal for the season especially if you have dry skin naturally. I resort to the use of selected essential oils more during this season and a cream based moisturizer.

3. Lip Care

It is very common to see a lot of dry ,chapped lips around this time, and if extra care isn’t taken you may be met with some sore lips which can be really disturbing.

Lip care during this season is one of the things I take seriously because you really don’t want to walk around with sore lips which are not only a disturbing sight but also very painful to live with.

Shea butter , lip gloss, lip balm, lip salves , olive oil, glossy lipstick (for girls) or any other lip product that promises to keep your lips moisturized and hydrated should be a holy grail around this time.

The good thing about lip care is the fact that men can also indulge in it to the fullest and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it . If you happen to be uncomfortable with using a lip balm you may as well get yourself a chapstick which is also perfect to use during the season. Don’t be shy guys! Get those lips moisturized.

Also to avoid dry and chapped and sore lips you should not lick you lips, get your lips care product on and leave it to do its work.

Tip: wear a lip care product before you go to bed and also rub a slice of cucumber on your lips in the morning before you wear lip care product.

4. Stay Healthy

Keep your health in check during this season especially because the harsh weather may have some effect on your health. The good thing about the season is the fact that there are hardly any mosquitoes, however, you should make it a point to stay hydrated, drink lots of water , eat enough fruits , have a daily dose of vitamin c considering that it is easy to catch a flu around this time with the dusty wind blowing all over.

If you happen to be asthmatic the season maybe unfriendly and keeping an inhaler close to you and trying as much as possible to stay away from dusty areas would do you some good.

Please do stay healthy for me*wink*

5. Clothes

Getting dressed in the season can be a bit tricky because at first it seems really cold during the early hours of the morning and you may be compelled to wear clothes that would keep you warm however, it can get warm in the middle of the day and that is definitely going to make you regret wearing warm clothing.

What you may want to do wear a light weight outfit beneath a blazer, Jacket or a pullover for when you start to feel warm during the day.

Wear what makes you feel confident , the aim is just to be comfortable, right?!

6. Hair care

Definitely another important area you should take into due consideration. The primary thing I’ll do during this time of the year would be to wear a protective hair style , braids most likely. And then keep moisturizing the roots of my hair since they are still exposed to the weather. Jojoba Oil, Grape Seed oil or coconut oil is my go to together with a leave-in conditioner.

If you happen to keep your natural hair on during the season it is only advisable to keep it hydrated and moisturized at all times. Your hair care routine should be taken more seriously this time to prevent it from breaking and to maintain healthy hair.

Tip: Make a mix of water , coconut oil or your preferred essential oil and a leave-in conditioner in a spray bottle (a travel size one preferably) and periodically spritz it in your hair during the day to retain moisture throughout the day and to keep the hair hydrated.

These are just a few important tips and tricks you may want to keep in mind during the season. The harmattan seems like a harsh weather condition but you will definitely grow to love it if you take certain precautions and adopt certain routines.

What are some tips and hacks which work for you during this time ?