I almost always have a smile on my face and appear as the happy and bubbly young girl most of the time. 

I am very much aware of the fact that the people around me marvel at how I am able to keep it all together and go about my life like any normal “able-bodied’ person. 

Well just like the title of my article I have a beautiful life. 

That is how I have considered my life ever since I could ascertain what I considered beautiful or not. 

This is not to say I have no worries or qualms whatsoever about anything. 

A lot of things bother me especially the fact that I had to grow up and come to terms with living with a long term physical condition.

Wondering why I know I have a beautiful life ?

 I have found myself in the most beautiful spaces ever when it comes to my family. 

Throughout my journey in life what has defined support to me is my family. 

Realizing I was ‘different’ from many other people came from getting exposure from the outside world considering that my family did not at any point do anything to suggest that. 

All I knew as a little girl was that I was living a life just like anyone else and was getting ready to face the world accordingly. 

I believe that is how any growing child should feel about him or herself. Right? 

In as much as there has been quite some negative energy from the outside world to remind me of my flaws and imperfections, a number of amazing people who I consider  ‘gems’ stood out among the lot. 

I have made friends on my journey and these people I consider my friends actually see beyond my physical identity. Meeting such people took me by shock initially, I just couldn’t bring myself to believing that I will ever meet people like that. 

I am not gonna lie it actually feels amazing to know that there a people like that in my life.  They make my life a beautiful one and I wont have it any other way. 

Also confidence is one thing that I have always battled with and I still am. However I know that the little that I have and has led me to wherever I am today means so much to me. 

I have a beautiful life because I have learnt to build self-confidence over the years and it has made me reach out to people and explore places I was ever scared to go. 

I make an impact whenever the opportunity presents itself leading me to inspire people and so I consider my life a beautiful one. What is better than positively impacting society in your own small way. The sense of fulfillment and the positive prints I leave behind only brings me so much joy. 

Wondering what it is like to have a beautiful life? Make the best out of what you have and live your life to the fullest.