You know what the biggest challenge has been for me so far as the application of make up is concerned? ?I bet you don’t !

Well I have had to battle with the right type of makeup brush to reach out for, the powder and foundation brushes have not been too difficult to figure out for me though. 
However when it gets to the other parts of the make up routine I tend to struggle considering that I find myself looking at the ‘weirdest’ pieces of brushes not knowing what use to put them to. 
Then came the amazing EVITA JOSEPH brand. I discovered them for the first time in the make up collection of a makeup artist and I was totally impressed. 

These brushes actually spoke to me.. lol, I mean that they had been labeled and I felt as though I had found a solution to my problem.

One other reason why you will love the EVITA JOSEPH brand is because it is Ghanaian owned. It totally feels great that I can purchase makeup accessories without having to think about shipping costs from other continents or who is coming from this or that country to bring it over to me. Amazing right?! 
It is a high end brand which will definitely meet your needs as a make up artist and a makeup enthusiast. 

Before I forget I am excited to let you know that EVITA Joseph has more than make up brushes to offer.

Visit the EJ Beauty Store and catch a glimpse all the goodness it has to offer and thank me later. *wink*

The discovery of this brand is one of the amazing things that has happened to me on my makeup journey.
Have you had the EVITA JOSEPH experience yet? Share with me if you have and if you haven’t what are you waiting for?