It’s Santa period and definitely a time to give and show love as much as you can. And the most interesting part of the season is that although we are all aware of one  Santa Claus I am pleased to announce to you that every individual is a potential Santa and it is wholly dependent on us because we have the power to show and spread love and give physical gifts while we can.

Gifting friends and loved ones is one of the most beautiful things to experience during the Yuletide.

No matter how bad your mood is the month of december always makes our moods lit up with  beautiful sparks. By now you have a list of people you would want to gift during the season, be it family, friends or a stranger,  and have already purchased a couple of presents if not all, or you have not purchased any at all.

I am here to let you know it is never late at all if you fall in the category where you desire to gift people but you haven’t made that move yet.

There is only so much you can give as a person during the season and the first thing for me would be

1. Love

As human as we are love resides within us and the best we can do for each other not only in the month of December but throughout the year and during our lifetime is to show as much love as possible to the people around us and the world.

I entreat you to take advantage of the least opportunity this season to show love to people whether or not you think they need the love.

You know what showing love does, it brings to the parties involved some sort of inner peace and also teaches people from the outside the essence of showing love.

2.  Compassion

This may sound cliche as it appears that everyone seems to give out to charity during this time of the year. However it is important that as an individual you take up this cause not because everyone is doing it but that you feel the need to care and show kindness to people who need it most during this time.

Compassion is not limited to orphans and street kids alone ,but you may want to take into consideration friends and family who have not had the best of years this year.

A lot has happened throughout the year, people have lost their jobs, money , close friends and family and this is definitely a perfect moment to be there for one another.

You may also want to volunteer in an orphanage or with an organization close to you carrying out an activity during the season.

3. Peace

This gift would most likely be a gift to yourself. Make it a point to make peace with yourself after a thorough reflection of the year.

Get in touch with people who hold grudges against you and vice versa and make amends. It really does not matter who makes the first move, it is always good to be the bigger person.

Talk to them , wish them well, be positive about your conversations, apologize when necessary  and try as much as possible to end the conversation on a good note.


Bring friends and family together and celebrate the season, it is undeniably a perfect moment to mend rifts and solve whatever issues are present.



I started out to write about material gifts initially but after quite some reflection on the topic it dawned on me that gifting people definitely goes beyond the physical.

You would be surprised to know that it is  really the thought that counts.