I dunno but falsies have never been my thing… I am hoping I fall in love with them soon though since I love them so much ( by loving them I mean I love how they look on other ladies). 

However, in ensuring my lashes are defined I tend to fall back on mascaras. And it is one of the things Ican say I cannot go a day without. 

I love love love mascaras such that I impulsively buy them whenever I can and I have enough cash in my purse… hehe.

My love for mascaras has led me to a number of amazing brands and I must say the Lash Sensational Lucious Mascara  by Maybelline is my favorite at the moment.

The brush of this lovely mascara is out of the world, it is a fanning brush with ten layers of lashes which gives you a sensational fan effect. Trust me the aftermath of the application is simply amazing.

This is a volumnizing mascara which is infused with precious oils , Rose oil, Safflower Oil, and Argan Oil and it promises to leave your lashes softer and denser. 

In my use of the product I realized it is long lasting however it is proves difficult to come off your lashes while removing my makeup. A very good eye make up remover would really come in handy.

Aside that it captures my lashes from its roots to the tips ,gives me a good volume as well as a full fan effect. If you ask me its a product I will buy again. I also think it is worth the price ,I got it for about GHC 50.00.

Get you a Maybelline Mascara and share with me your experience.

Lots of love ?,