Did you know that rosewater is made by steeping rose petals in water?

Well rose water has been one of my favorite additions to my skincare collection this year. I must say it has been a great rosewater experience for me.

My very first purchase of rosewater after I had found out about it and had my research done was from a Ghanaian owned online shop called Fayola Naturals.

Fayola naturals as a brand has something special that I can’t point a finger to and I think that was one of the attracting factors for me, not to talk about the packaging.

I received my rosewater in a unique and beautiful 100ml bottle and I totally fell in love at the sight of it.

It has been an amazing experience for me with the use of the rosewater so far, i can tell you for a fact.

Despite the fact that rose water is used for perfume purposes as a result of its sweet and rosy scent it has its own medicinal , culinary and skin care values.It’s skin care value is what fascinates me.

The first thing I love about the rose water is the fact that it is a good substitute for my toner. It has an amazing feel to it and works extremely well as a cleanser such that it deeply cleanses dirt which may have accumulated in your pores. No body likes to have clogged pores right ?!

Let me also let you in on the fact that rosewater has numerous antioxidants which are powerful. How do you feel about water infused with rose petals protecting the cells in the skin against damage.

If you live in Ghana or anywhere in Africa you will be pleased to know that the antioxidants contained in rose water are responsible for the protection of our beautiful skins against UV radiation.


Constant use of the rose water on my face has made me realize how much my oil control I have now on my divine oily face.

After each use of the FAYOLA rose water my skin feels very moisturized , hydrated and to top it all it gives me a refreshed look.

Y’all need some rosewater in your life. It is totally worth it.


With love ?


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