Making gift choices for someone can be a daunting task a lot of times whether or not you are extremely close to each other.
Personally I think gifting a loved one on special occasions is one of the most beautiful things of life , although it is an undeniable fact that everyday is an opportunity to express love to the people in your life, such moments will always count as memorable days especially because we look forward to these specific days yearly.
One of such days is Valentine’s day which is just a few days away and just incase you have run out of ideas, I have you covered on that.

  • A Handwritten Note / Letter
    Handwritten notes or letters at this time may come across as “old fashioned” but I bet you it is one of the sweetest things to receive from a loved one especially now that everyone is glued to their phones,lol!!. There is a lot of thouthfulness that accompanies a handwritten note or letter to that special person in your life.
    Share a memory you created together, tell them why they are special and qualities you love about them. in essence, express yourself as much you want and tell them how much they mean to you. You can never go wrong with a handwritten letter especially in the 21st Century! *wink

  •  A Care Box
    This is a perfect gift for the loved one who is going through a phase during this time and needs as much love as he or she can get or the one who lives miles away from you.
    A care box is basically a package/ parcel sent to someone for relief or comfort purposes. although valentine’s day has been marketed as a romantic day for lovers I personally think it is also an opportunity to give love to people who need it without romantic strings attached.
    Care boxes are ideal for friends, parents , long distant relationships and strangers probably who need it.
    A care box may contain products one may need on a daily basis such as a pair of socks, snacks, a book, clothes, skincare products ,shaving/ grooming kit, clothes, etc.
    I personally love Care boxes because they are very thoughtful and are usually tailored towards the needs of the recipient and so you are certain that the gift would be very much appreciated.

  • A Candy Jar
    The one thing I love about this type of gift is the fact that they can be personalized to suit the needs of the recipient. It is also a very thoughtful and cute gift for a loved one on a day like valentine’s day.
    It is also a budget friendly gift as it is a DIY gift. All that you need to make this happen are a jar with a lid (preferably a mason jar), a pack of candies (ones the recipient loves or have been yearning to try), card board , a pair of scissors, paper glue, and probably colored pencil.
    A DIY candy jar as a gift is definitely a good choice of a gift and should be accompanied with a handwritten note

  • Ticket to see a Movie or a Concert
    There is a lot of excitement around this time of the year and the Cinema is not an exception. Going to the cinema may come across as regular but you get to share a memorable moment together especially if you go see a movie you have both been itching to watch.
    Attending a concert would really be an exciting thing to do on Valentine’s Day. But I will suggest that you put a lot of thought into selecting the concert whether it is a music concert or not


  • Spa Treat

I know a lot of people who will break a neck to have moments like this. A spa treat is definitely a welcoming gift idea and it would pass for me as a perfect valentine’s Day gift.
Gifting someone with a spa date means you are giving him/her relaxation, time to rest, and wellness to some extent.

These are just a few thoughtful and budget friendly gifts you can give to a loved one on Valentine’s Day or any random day just to appreciate them.

And although Val’s Day is marketed as a day for lovers, personally I think that the world would be a better place if you could take time to show love to at least one person who needs it on Valentine’s Day.

Stay positive and don’t stop spreading love. Happy Valentine’s Day❤️