Making a move to  step out of my comfort zone and taking it upon myself to travel to other places was one of the hardest things for me,growing up. 

Well that is because my siblings and I grew up in a home where traveling was restricted to travels with just my parents.

For someone like me who claims to love traveling you may imagine that I never missed out on any of my school’s excursion trips. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, I actually missed out on all excursion trips but one which was to the Parliament House while I was in High School. Can you imagine? Does that even qualify as travel? 

Well I love to travel because I have always had it in me to explore places. In as much as the desire was suppressed as a child , it still remains and so i cease the least opportunity I get to make a trip here and there. 

Traveling means a lot to me, you have no idea. First of all it is very relaxing , the moment I get my bags packed and I am seated in the vehicle to begin my journey my mood swiftly transforms into a relaxed and exciting one. 

The mere thought of getting away puts me in the best of moods. (You should see me in such mood). 

The journey in itself is a lot of things depending on who I may be traveling with. 

It is sometimes quiet enough to get me thinking and reflecting or fun filled in the sense that you will find me and whichever people I’m with talking, singing, whatever fun you can imagine…lol 

The fact that I get to experience the diversity of our society is a really exciting moment for me , no two ways. 

It makes me understand people I correlate with on a daily basis better and it also makes me accepting of everybody regardless of the tribe or ethnic group. 

Not to forget the freedom it comes with. Most of the time the people who tend to judge us are people who are close or live around us, so they tend to think that they know who you are and expect you to conform to a certain way of life.

Tell you what traveling away from your environment affords you the opportunity to get away from such people and live the way you have always wanted to at least for a moment..hehe.

Save up some cash and when next you have sometime to spare, take a trip and make sure you make the best out of it.

All the best people!

With love❤️ ,