I wish I was writing this article to share with you a number of ways you could spend your days while you’re home after a long break from work or while you’re vacationing in your dream country.

Not to create panic or fear but these moments are scary.
Who would have thought that there was going to be a pandemic in the early weeks of 2020?
We have had to halt personal progressive plans and everything seems to have come to a standstill.
But also I know a lot of us are spending a lot of time indoors as much as we can. That is why I am sharing with you a few things we can get up to which may bring us some calmness while we hope that the virus parts way with us.

1. Get Enough Sleep

There’s no doubt that we are sad about the pandemic, however, if your country is on a lockdown or some movement restrictions have been imposed in your country or you have gotten sometime off work to observe social distancing, you might as well take advantage of this time to get yourself that beauty rest you’ve been day dreaming about.

2. Develop a Home Workout Routine
If you had a routine at the gym before the occurrence of the pandemic, you may want to keep up with your fitness journey by creating a home workout routine.
Also if you happen to spend more time at home and you are trying to keep yourself active you may want to look into developing a routine you can carry out at home.
There’s a lot of tutorials and ideas on YouTube incase you are wondering where to start from. You can also have the discussion with your trainer to aid you in creating the routine.

3. Get Creative

Self isolating can get boring even if you’re working from home.
Why not use some free space in-between to explore your creative side. You can start with DIYs , or basically something you’ve always thought of creating.
This should be fun!!

4. Declutter your home

Your busy schedule at work or at school might have made you unable to go all out with cleaning your home and making your space as minimal as possible.
The trick to keeping your space clean at most times is to keep the space minimal.
Why not take sometime off to declutter your space, get everything in its right place, keep your essentials and stuck away things you haven’t used in years.

5. Try a New Recipe
If you are like me by now you have a mental list of lots of recipes you’ll try when you have time.
Now time is here and the recipe is calling for you to give it a try.
This will be such a fun activity for you if you love to cook.
Don’t worry too much about how it turns out at your first try, practice makes perfect so your pulling off that amazing recipe will evolve with time.

6. Read a Book
I love to read a lot and one of the reasons is the fact that reading takes my mind off a lot of things and keeps me in a calm mood.
Getting your reading game on during a time like this will not only add up to your knowledge but will also bring to you some calmness.
So pick up that book sitting nicely on your shelf or get to it already. I am also willing to share some soft copy favorite reads so just let me know in the comments section if you will want to have them.

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7 Indulge in Self Care
Self care is really necessary at this time. Pay a little more attention to care for your skin, nails, and your hair.
You can also indulge in some meditation or yoga which can be really relaxing. Remember self care is all about you.

Amidst keeping your self isolating moments busy and fun, kindly practice personal hygiene, keep visitors away during this period, check up on your family and friends both home and abroad and stay safe.