Staying organized is one thing and getting hold of products that will help you stay organized is another. 

One thing I have tried as much as possible to do is to be consistent with staying organized at all times. It has not been an easy one for me trust me, yes, it takes a lot of discipline to stay organized all the time. 

When it comes to the beauty space however organization is yet another reason why I love Evita Joseph. 

You can imagine how excited I was when I discovered that Evita Joseph had launched a new product aimed at organization right after the Brush Book Pro launch. 

Well, yes a couple of weeks ago EVITA Joseph launched some gorgeous Maxi and Mini Wrap slots.

These wrap slots have come to save us from makeup pencils to lipsticks and mascara and other tube products clutter. 

For me it is a product worth purchasing as it will help a lot with organization for makeup artists especially. And as we all know organization is key to staying efficient and proactive especially if you are a pro-mua. 

  • Maxi Wrap Slots 

The maxi wrap slots are purposely designed to hold large beauty products such as mascara, lipglosses, lipsticks and basically any tube component you may have as a part of your beauty collection. 

Photo Credit : Evita Joseph 

It appears to have an 18 – 22 holding capacity, this means that you will be able to fit in  about 18 to 22 products in there. This is so amazing! More space for your products. 

Photo Credit : Evita Joseph 

It has wider fit elastic straps which will hold your product in place once you slot it in. Your products are definitely safe in there and you will not have to worry about them slipping out. 

The handy ropes that come with the maxi wrap slot helps to keep the wrap clasped once all your products are gently slowed into it. 

Extra safety and security for your products..yaay! 

  • Mini Wrap Slots  

Keeping my make up pencils in one place has always been one of my organization cons, I don’t know about you but it is not really an easy thing to keep your makeup pencils very organized especially if you stock a lot of them.

This mini wrap slot right here is definitely a game changer for someone like me. It has been specially designed to contain your petite beauty components such as lip liners, brow pencils, eye pencils, and other related slim beauty products. 

It has a 30 to 60 holding capacity which means it will duly serve the needs of a Pro make up artist as well as beauty enthusiasts. You will also get value for your money since it gives you enough room for your products.

Just like the maxi wrap slots, it features firm fitting stretchy straps, handy ropes with its luxury faux leather appearance.

You will even fall in love more with the wrap slots once you find out that they are very handy and easy to carry with you around.

This new release is definitely a yes for me and I’ll recommend it to all Beauty enthusiasts and Pro Make up Artists.